Lou's Archived Designs

These are older designs using drivers that are no longer readily available.
But there may be a few floating around so I've left them here.
Besides, I've already done the pages, maybe you'll read them and find some tidbit that helps.

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ACI JAGUARS Legendary kit from a great designer
ACI Home Theater Complete 5.1 System 3 ACI Emeralds, 2 ACI Encores, ACI Titan Sub
ACI Opal Floorstanding 2 way Vifa Tower, 8" MT
ACI SV-10 Sub 10" Sealed Downfire sub (Still doable as the SW-1084)
Azurite Vifa BC11SG06-12 & Audax TM020J3 MTM One of my best budget designs
AZ-2525 Dayton RS-125/Audax TM025 Shielded MTM
Azurite 25 Vifa BC11SG06-12 & Audax TM025F1 MTM
Beryl Tower Definitive 6.5" PE Buyout with Axon T1S
Topaz P.E. Showcase Design - Definitive 6.5" PE Buyout & Audax TM025F1
Jordan HT Jordan JX92S Full Range in a built in Home Theater
Onyx Vifa BC14SG49-08 & Peerless 810100 MT - One of my first designs (Full HT)
Periscope MMTMMW With Integrated TV Shelf
Seas Coax CC Seas H653 P17REX COAX/F Center Channel (Coaxial driver)
Garnet Peerless 850108 CSX & Vifa D27 TG-05-06
Garnet II Peerless 850108 CSX & Peerless 812978 - TM in 7 liters
Sparky MCM 55-1855 5" Alum & Peerless 812978 - TM in 7 liters
Zircon Vifa MG18SK09-08 & B&G Neo 3PDR in a tower
SW-1084 Sub 10" Sealed Downfire Sub
U3 Dayton RS150, Tangband Mid, Audax Tweeter - March 2006
Line Array 14 Vifa BC11SG06-12 with Morel DMS 37
ARLO Three way with 10" Eminence OEM, 5" Peerless Mid, Peerless Neo Tweeter
Neo3/Neo8/RS225 Experiment with open baffle planars
XG-12 Vifa XG18 & Seas H1212 Sealed TM 29 AUG 2005
Magician's Assistant Portable Self Contained PA System
KanToo Aurum Cantus AC-130F1 Woofers/RA104.5 Ribbon Tweeter MTM
Po'tables Peerless 830856 & Vifa BC25SC15-04 Ported MTM
TymoTees Tymphany TPY04W08O001ES & Dayton ND20FB-4 Ported 6 liter TM
BRAPTOR TMWW - 2 Bravox 6.5 Woofers/4" Peerless Nomex Mid/Vifa BC Hornloaded Tweeter