Onyx Shielded Mini Monitor
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We had a little confab for DIY folks here in Tucson (Feb 2002) This little monitor was well received. We did ground plane measurements while there. The Onyx measured quite flat with the exception of a 3-5db dip at the crossover frequency. The dip doesn't seem to affect listening. The bass from these little boxes is really impressive (especially when parts are under $100).


For the Onyx I chose a shielded Vifa from Sound Clearing House, a Peerless shielded tweeter (Parts Express) and clearance mylar caps and coils from Madisound on the bass section for both the zobel and the shunt cap. Some observations:
1. The Peerless tweeter is super buy.
2. You can get pretty darn close with CAD software and no measurements
3. Aural tweaking works
4. I would have no problem using mylar caps (at least on the woofer)

5. I got lucky with this design!

Veneered in Kevazinga

Outside Box : 7.75" wide X 7.25" Deep X 11.5" High (3/4 MDF)

Net Volume: 355 cu in (5.8 liters) F3=71 hz

Box Tuning: 70 hz with 1.5" ID by 3.5" long port

Sensitivity: About 88 db @ 1 watt

Power Handling: 50 watts RMS, 8 ohm Nominal Impedance

Parts List Qty Each
Vifa BC14SG49-08 (SCH) 1 $15.00
Peerless 810100 Tweeter (PE) 1 $8.80
Nicichon 8.2 mfd mylar Caps (Mad) 3 $1.10
16 Ga 0.75 mH Coil 1 $5.40
16 Ga 0.30 mH Coil 1 $3.00
7 ohm sand cast resistor 1 $0.60
4 mfd Solen cap 1 $2.20
12 ohm non inductive resistor 1 $1.00
6 ohm non inductive resistor 1 $1.00
3.5 " long X 1.5" D Port 1 $0.60
Terminal Cup 1 $2.10
Electronics Cost (less Shipping) $45.00