AZURITE 25 Variant     Back to Lou's Homepage

Vifa BC11SG06-12
Audax TM025F1
9 Liters

16" High
6.75" Wide
8.75" Deep

Outside Dimensions
3/4" Stock
1 7/8" D X 3.5" L Port

Many folks bought up the 1" version of the Audax TM025F1when it went on sale. (I know I did). So, I designed a variant of the Azurite using that tweeter with the Vifa BC11. The crossover has changed a bit to accomodate the wider spacings of the BC11 and to take advantage of the lower crossover point of the TM025. (Now about 2800 Hz)

Sonically, the Azurite 25 is a bit sharper at the top end than the regular Azurite. The two versions are quite similar in sound. The standard version is a bit easier to voice, and may have a very slight edge in HT dialog. Because of the shaping done here with the R/C and R/L circuits, small changes in the padding resistor will alter the high end in a fairly dramatic fashion.

For tube folks, this is a very tube friendly design. Impedance from 200-20,000 hz stays between 6-14 ohms. Sensitivity is about 87 db with baffle step.