Nugget 2 Micro Monitor

Box Size Outside Dimensions:

6.25" Wide X 8.5" High X 6.25" Deep

1/2" Baltic Birch Stock

Two 3/4" D X 3.5" L PVC ports

3.3 liters, F3 75 Hz

Surface Mounted Drivers



Original Version Is HERE

Raw Measurements HERE

This project arose from my desire to reduce my inventory of drivers. It's intended for use as an L/C/R in an economy home theater setup. (The red stain was a request from my young nieces.) Consider it my version of a B*se Beater. They were designed to go with a small vented sub I built using an ACI LE10 and a small surplus switching amp I had in stock.

I think this version is a distinct improvement in clarity over the original Nugget. With rear ports, it's not going to be easy to hang on a wall for a surround. But overall a smoother sound. Not particularly efficient though, probably about 84 db/1 watt. Though it could be used full range, it will benefit from a sub.

The crossover includes a notch filter to control a peak in this woofer that occurs at about 1200 Hz. You can substitute 12.5 ohm resistors for the 12's I used. I also used an electrolytic 50mfd cap.

If you can't locate a 0.08 mH coil, unwind 3 to 4 wraps from a 0.1 coil. I used 18 ga on the woofer, 20 ga elsewhere.

The tweeter circuit uses a 2.75 parallel cap to control a rising response -- likely due to the close placement of the tweeter to baffle edges.

After listening to a brief session, I'd describe these as neutral and flat. There's enough bass for modest bedroom listening, but setting them on the "small" setting of your HT receiver will definitely allow them a lot more breathing room.




Modeled Response


3 "Finished" Nuggets

Matching Sub