Titan 39 - Bass Guitar Subwoofer Construction Photos

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Close up of driver baffle. I always glue the tnuts with poly urethane. Grease the bolts, thread them into the tnuts, and let the whole thing dry. We'll be using an Eminence BP-102 in a 20" wide box. 1/2 inch Baltic Birch throughout.

Enclosing the driver chamber. Braces in place.
Tons of PL Premium Urethane construction adhesive to ensure sealing all joints.

Adding the first exterior panel. The edge board on the right is temporary to hold things square while the glue sets.

Detail of 4th side to driver chamber. The layout line to the right is not correct. We caught it before screwing up the whole project.

Shot from the top into the driver chamber.

Here's the baffle where the speaker is mounted. Masonite spacer allows for unrestricted cone travel. The inserts surrounding the port hole helped align the first two panels of the driver chamber -- and allow a way to seal the access door. We'll be mounting a single BP102 with #10 hex head capscrews

Here's a shot of the entire build before adding the last side panel. We used some built up bracing in the back panel, and drilled holes to anchor the wires. We strung 4 wires, though we'll probably need only two initially.
The extra 45 degree scrap piece in the sharp apex, made it easier to glue, screw and seal.