As this is the 21st century, and neither of us believed much in gardens of stones, this website is part of her final tribute. Bev took an interest in my hobby -- building loudspeakers. She offered useful criticism, and made sure that my boxes would meet with strong WAF. (Wife Approval Factor). She had an uncanny eye.

I agreed to build a PA system for the Light The Way Lutheran Church. Pastor Dale and the congregation will be part of my new life. I thank them for hosting her memorial service, and the help and support they have extended to me during this difficult period. The main PA speakers are covered in a copper mesh she spotted during a trip to the fabric store, she bought me a couple yards because she "was tired of black grills".

The last piece to finish was the subwoofer. Bev checked it out and thought it needed some subtle artwork. Otherwise it's just a big plain box. One of the parishoners suggested a sun - as it's part of the church logo. Bev and I went over some design ideas. Most of the church woodwork is reclaimed pine from an old Mexican mission, so "distressed" was the overall theme. I thought dark fill for screw and nail holes would give it an aged appearance.

Bev looked at the sun I had designed. She said "Even art should follow the laws of physics, the rays of the sun should be spaced unevenly." Then she thought about it some more. "Shouldn't the sun shine on something?" The pictures below show the final product. Her sun. I found a picture of a local butterfly, and punched the outline into the box front. Her initials (BB) became the wing spots. I can visit her every week, and she can be an active part of the living world. These close ups were taken in my shop, just before delivery so they are a bit dusty

Details of the Build Process Here