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From: Tom Posted: May 18, 2012
There are many great memories that come to mind over the years that I have from knowing, and being with Bev. Here are a few:

Of course anyone that knows me "appreciates" that at times passion for UA sports can get... loud. I know it must have driven Bev nuts when I would call 15 times during a game to scream through the phone at my brother over the latest Wildcat catastrophe, but you know Bev was always good natured about it. Never sniped at me. In fact I always enjoyed, that while working at the UA she would save little nuggets of information for me about the latest on "Lute" or Dick Tomey etc. I know she married into the sports world and because of that, had to hear from me at 100 decibels at times, but I admired that even with that, by the end, she was peeking at the sports channel to see how the Wildcats did that night.

One thing that can be easy to forget after Bev's stroke was how good a cook she was before it. For me I will dearly miss those pie crusts and.....Baked Beans. The greatest I ever had. I always appreciated that she would make both when I would come into to town. Man my mouth waters for them.

As the father of 3 daughters my wife Teresa and I continuously work on raising independent, industrious loving women. I think about Bev a lot when we talk to them. When I think about those things I always marveled at what she achieved, especially in her era. It was things like making all her own clothes, winning 4H contests, and her art. There were two stories in particular that always stuck out. The first was her describing desperately needing a job, and taking one in I believe New York where she worked as a typist and got paid by the page. Where she talked about being able to type at a 100+ words per minute and get through pages without a mistake...because she had to. To me it is the equivalent of Superman. Really. I think about me sitting through typing class and blazing away at 35 wpm with 5 mistakes per page. It just showed her intelligence and capabilities. However probably my favorite is her story of driving through Europe while going to Grad school. She and a couple of friends in her car that literally could not go over 40 mph. Driving through the Eastern Block countries at the heart of the cold war! Never worried, talking to border guards for hours to get through if that was needed. For a Tucson kid who spent all his youth there, with very little opportunity to travel, that level of independence and confidence is something I admire and hope my daughters can achieve.

I know that Bev was frustrated after the stroke. Taking her active mind and energy, and trapping it was not easy on her. With that, you had to love that even though she didn't always feel great, she was still sewing away cracking wise and cursing that machine and hands that wouldn't perform like they use to... all the while sewing gifts for neighbors with their Wisconsin Badger logos and colors..

I thank her for her acceptance of my family and her gifts to my girls, both the bling and her demonstration of independence. May she find all of those dogs she loved and lost and the chance to sit down and sew again

Love to her and her family
Brother-in-law Tom
From: Veronica Posted: May 18, 2012
My Aunt Bev was such a sweet woman. She actually tried and mostly succeeded to spoil me and my three sisters rotten. She never forgot one our birthdays and never hesitated to pile on the presents! It was more then my sisters and I could stand. We would get so giddy we would wear all the jewelry at once and prance around the house like the princesses she made us feel like.
My Aunt Bev life especially as she got older held a lot of obstacles. However she was such a strong women and she fought against the many trials that hit her. Whenever I called though she didn't want to talk about any of it. This woman would be as sharp as a tack about asking questions about my life. No matter what she had gone through she always wanted to hear how my latest art project was coming along or if my family and I were well. She was an attentive listener that wanted every detail and cared about every word. I will always remember and appreciate that.
My Aunt Bev treated me like I was someone worth cherishing and especially as I got older that has become an important thing to have. I never got to tell her this so I'm going to do it now: Thank you Aunt Bev. You were a wonderful person and thank you for thinking the same of me.
From: Laura Posted: May 24, 2012
I’m deeply saddened to learn of Bev’s passing. She was an exceptional woman. You have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your mother and wife.

Bev and I met at the university and enjoyed sharing bits of our lives over lunch. I have a few stories to share:

Prior to the opening of the new Main Gate center Bev called and invited me to witness a proposal she was making to her higher-ups. Now most people would simply stand up and share their ideas. Not Bev. She and her staff donned costumes and acted out a skit. It was funny, her point was clearly made, and those attending walked away ready to support her proposal (plus we all had a good laugh in the process).

My husband and I bought a piece of land, arranged a construction loan and after a year of planning finally broke ground on our new home in April 1995. The very next day he received a letter from the university stating that his contract would not be renewed. This was a time at the university when an effort was underway to flatten the organization. Needless to say we were heartsick over the unexpected turn of events. The following day Bev called to see if I could have lunch. She asked how I was doing and I explained what had just happened. She knew my husband and considered him a real asset to the university and couldn’t understand why this action was being taken. She informed me that she was going to speak to Joel about this. Later that day my husband was contacted and a meeting was arranged. Within a week he was hired by another department much to the chagrin of the women who wrote the letter excusing him. Bev was not one to stand by and let an injustice occur. She took action. My dear husband has since passed but I know how grateful we both were for Bev’s willingness to help us when it wasn’t expected.

After Bev retired from the university we met for lunch and she brought a portfolio of her art work. I was amazed by her talent. How was it that in 15 years she never mentioned that she enjoyed drawing? Anyway, she then offered me one of her drawings of three raccoons after I told her stories of the raccoons that visited my cabin in Colorado. That drawing has been matted and framed and hangs in my cabin and every time I pass it I think of Bev.

Occasionally we meet someone that elevates others. Bev was such a person. I felt myself a better person just because she was willing to befriend me. She will forever hold a place in my heart.
From: Kier Posted: May 25, 2012
This lady was/is the most important person in my life. She is everything good. My heart is still healing, so I'm not up to story-telling yet. We had a big bond, and she gets it. Love you madly mom. xoxoxoxox
From: Lou Posted: May 30, 2012
On Weds May 23, 2012, Bev's brother in law David (Donna's husband) finally got the kidney transplant that he had awaited for years. The donor, was his eldest daughter, Allison. Last we heard, everybody was doing great, and Dave's new kidney was working before he left the OR!

I know Bev worried about them and wanted so much to be there to help out in their recovery. Dave's wait on the donor list is a huge reason why she (and I) insisted on being organ and tissue donors. Hope you signed your card.
From: Nora Posted: May 30, 2012
I have known Bev for 15 plus years, she has always been incredibly kind, and generous. I could always count on her for a smile and good will. She will missed very much.
From: Dr Tom Posted: May 30, 2012
I knew Bev and her animals for 25-30 yrs through the good bad and ugly. Bev was a rare pet owner in that she always projected love kindness and caring while at the same time acting with dignity and rationality We. Always liked to help her Lou and the pets.She greatly enriched our lives We will miss you Bev,go with God .
From: Debbie Posted: May 31, 2012
I am so saddened to hear about Bev's passing. We met in 1986 when we both worked at the UA under the same VP. We ended up working together for the next 9 years until 1995! She was always supportive and we both shared a love of animals and even lived in the same neighborhood for a few years. Kier and Lou were the two most important people in her life and I wish you both peace at this difficult time.