Lou's Links and Resources

This isn't my entire "favorite's" list by any means, but you may find some useful info here. I've dealt with most of the vendors or have had them recommended to me by others I trust.

Veneer Audio, Electronics Etc
TapeEase Parts Express
Formwood (Overstock is 4 sale) Madisound
Derwoods Exotic Veneer Apex Jr Parts/Clearance
B&B Rare Woods Meniscus
Veneering Forum Raw Accoustics
OakWood Veneer Audio Concepts
Duratex Water Base Poly Coating Zalytron
  MCM Electronics and Drivers
WW info Dave Ellis Audio
WoodNet Rythmic Servo Feedback Subwoofers
Wood Shop Demos SonicCraft
Homestead Finishing My Biggest Client [Mobile Sound]
Router Info Bill Fitzmaurice DIY Pro Sound
  DIY Designs Resources
  Curt Campbell
Tool Vendors I've Used Loudspeaker Selection Guide
Grizzly Dennis Murphy Designs
Amazon Reconditioned Tools Selah Audio
Sawblades/Bits (Check Specials) Design Software
Router Bits Online Speaker Design/Theory
Power Tools On Line Xover Formulas
Compare Tool Prices WinISD
Unusual Hardware/Jigs etc. UniBox
Can't Find it Anywhere Else... LspCAD