Doug B's Seas Three Way Towers
These were really impressive at Arizona DIY 2005. Comments and construction pictures here are from the designer.

Woofers: SEAS L22RN4X-P
Mids: SEAS W14CY-001
Tweeters: SEAS 27TDC

Box Design Features:

Front Baffle Design Features:

  • Drivers are time-aligned in the baffle. Woofers are mounted on 3/4" MDF plates and tweeters are mounted on the rear of the baffle
  • The baffle has a varying-pitch roundoff around the mids/tweets to minimize edge diffraction.
  • The baffle uses six separate layers, including a piece of foam-backed linoleum, which acts as a constraint layer.
  • Each layer of the mid/woofer opening is routed at a 45 degree angle, with each layer getting progressively larger front-to-back. (This is to minimize compression of the back wave.)
  • Baffle thickness at the woofer is 2-1/4".
  • Baffle thickness at the mid/tweeter is 1-1/2".


  • Woofer-to-mid is second order at 400 Hz. The woofers are wired in parallel and the mids are wired in series, which provides BSC.
  • Mid-to-tweeter is fourth order at 2500 Hz. There's a series LC shunt on the mids for the first cone break-up peak at 8500 Hz.
  • There's a series RC contour filter across the tweeter to smooth the upper octave rise caused by the tweeter mounting method.