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Seven Stages of Speaker Building Addiction  
Date: 10/1/2011 8:17:00 AM By: Lou ID: 38 742 Views

1. Me want big boom, loud -- Bass & spl primary concerns. Usually Cerwin Vega's, or cheap DJ speakers are the baseline standard.

2. My music sounds like crap -- Now that I have semi decent speakers, I realize how bad the source music really is.

3. Try a good proven design -- Wow that's what I've been missing! Me want more better...

4. Design my own -- Variable; some work out, some don't. Usually results in buying more gear and drivers. Often accompanied by endless questions about the best design, topology, driver, etc... Intended to be the "last speaker I'll ever need"

5. First Bomb -- I can't make this driver combo work, maybe I just got lucky before. The last milestone before total addiction sets in. You either settle for your best liked design, or resolve to conquer anything. Often results in exponential expenditures for new tools, shop toys, and frequent trips Lowes/HD/Habuh Fleight.

6. Lexus Stage -- Endless obsessive pursuit of the ultimate speaker. May be "value" or "absolute quality". Often accompanied by forays into audiophile electronics, boutique caps, buyout drivers, and endless tweaking. Not unusual to have speakers in every room in the house, many unfinished. May also manifest itself in trying the newest "novel" idea on the board. Junkie will often try hiding deliveries from spouse equivalent.

7. Acquiescence -- You finally realize every design is ultimately a compromise, so you continue do it. You rationalize the expenses as an alternative to higher priced hobbies, and a way to amortize the cost of all the reusable tools, measuring gear, etc.
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